Our team


Someone Day Skipper, someone Yacht Master, some go only to cruising just for fun with friends and family, and someone took part in several national and world championships.

We are all united by one thing - a great love for the sea and sails

Our team

Sergey Booking manager, Rep Spaine

Once, as an adults, I accidentally occured in a lecture on the theory of sailing, and my life turned through 180 degrees. One year later, I had a skipper license, the current business was almost closed, and I spent the whole days reading and practicing all the new and new nuances about sailing. Thus correctly set sails led me to the life-work. If you need to rent a yacht in any sailing region - I will be happy to consult you and help to find a yacht

Anastasiya Booking manager, Rep Russia

Eines Tages erkannte ich, dass die wichtigste Sache für mich in der Arbeit - die Menschen glücklich zu machen. Und dann ging ich in der Yachtbranche zu arbeiten. Menschen zu helfen, selbst zu tragen ein kleines, aber der Traum, eine Rückkehr in der Form von dankbaren Briefe nach der Reise - es ist etwas, für das, meiner Meinung nach, ist es, zu arbeiten

Csilla Kovacs Regional rep Germany, Austria, Swiss

Since my childhood I have been fascinated by sea, water and waves. At the age of 16 I accomplished an internship as a sailor, which gave me an opportunity to work after my graduation on a big cruise ship. During my free time, I was often part of a sailing team in the Mediterranean. To work for Fairysail means to me to share my passion for sailing and to give others the opportunity to combine good service with good quality for the most pleasant hobby in the world: sailing! Sailing gives you an inner freedom and I look forward to helping you to make a good choice for your sailing cruise!

Lev Rep Israel

Started sailing with my father since my 6 year. Originally constructed in Baltic port of Riga to the Swedish 1942 design, his was an old wooden Nordic Folkboat, named after Cape Pilar. She required much attention, but was a good sailor, very suitable to ever changing weather of Russian lakes and rivers. I received my skippers license when I was 33 and started to explore the Mediterranean on my own boat, I christened “Surprise” after Captain Jack Obrey’s first command. In 2011 with the help of my friends, I started a project “Fascinating Seas” – racing team of amateurs poised to compete in French circuit of offshore races – Championnat De France Elite De Course Au Large En Equipage. Under my management, in 2012 our team of 8 took part in several competitions of the circuit – Grand Prix Guyader, MEDRACE and Tour de France a la Voile. In hot competition with professional French sailors we grew from the last 15th position to the 7th, joining the close ranks of leaders. 2014 I joined the FairySail team and since last year I have an honor to be the local representative of the company in Israel!

Yury Owner partner

In 2010 I got my first Skipper license. A few months later, with my friend, we decided to take a charter sailing yachts. Not having a lot of experience and knowledge of the market, we started with a simple, traveled all charter companies in the area of Marmaris, Fethiye, Gocek. We looked at the boats on the service and how they contain. In just a few days, we talked with two dozen of our future partners. Ranging from large companies with 40-50 yachts, ending married couples comprising a fleet of yachts 2-5.

Sviatoslav Директор

Морем я "болел" с детства, но только в 35 хроническая болезнь перешла в острую фазу и я пошел отучился на шкипера. Начав брать лодки в чартер, понял, что все происходит не так как мне рисовалось в мечтах. Именно стремление сделать чартер с "человеческим лицом" и привело к созданию в 2010 году компании "СКАЗОЧНЫЙ ПАРУС".